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Water sports, climbing and flying

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The lovely mountain region and the gorges like the Tarn gorges are inviting you to make extended trips on- and offroad on numberless roads and ways.

Furthermore you find nearly every leisure and activity here. All guests who want to go to the Mediterranean Sea for taking a bathe can do this without problems because you can reach quickly the Mediterranean Sea after about 75 minutes.

Our region with its numerous gorges and lakes is a lovely area for different sporting activities like water sports, climbing and flying. It's recommended to substitute the motor cycle once by hiking shoes because you can discover another different world. There are many spectacular vantage points to the gorges, which can only be reached on foot. Guidebooks can be asked in our library.

The following tour suggestions give priority to thematically aspects: The tour of the viaducts makes you discover interesting bridge buildings of different times. The tour to Carcassonne, which can simply be realized in a day's hike, leads you to an extraordinary highlight from the point of view of town planning. The tour of castles gives you an impression of the life in older times. The tour bastides (more details on the page landscape) shows you the five bastides of our region, which each has its own character.

The tour of the castles can be extended to an exciting discovery of the Knights Templars and Hospitallers of the Larzarc. In the villages of the Templars you are informed about the history and culture by guided tours in your language. In summer festivals are organized, which lead the visitors into the history of the rural population and the knights.

Another different world is the world of the underground grottos and caves. In the grotto Dargilan, Aven Armand and Bramabiau you find all, what is fascinating with grottos: for example giant stalaktit and stalagmit, pipes, columns, clear seas and a giant subterraneous hall, in which the cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris would find place in it. The impressive entrance of the grotto of Bramabiau, where at rain-seasons a waterfall like a great river leaves the great gap, which is also the entrance to the cave.

Nearly 41 km in the south of our B&B you find the village Roquefort-sur-Soulzon at the feet of a rock. In the natural caves of this village the king of cheese matures. He is known worldwide: the Roquefort-cheese. The air-condition is realized by natural rockclefts. The cheese matures in a labyrinth in the underground. The caves of the cheese can be visited, afterwards a degustation of the cheese is offered. You should know, that only one kind of the several kinds of Roquefort-cheese which are produced and which smells different is exported into the foreign country. Enjoy the difference!

A tour to the Aubrac should be connected with a visit of the fabrication of knifes in the village Laguiole, where are produced works of art.


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