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Our region offers numerous curiosities. We mention here only some of them.

The tour to the Viaduct of Garabit leads you to "Chaudes Aigues", the thermal little town with the most hot source of Europe (82 ° Celsius). In former times the houses of the town were heated by the source.

Near to Saint-Côme-d'Olt you find the "Éboulis de Basalte". These are huge field of stones of basalt, which originated from an eruption of a volcano.

Trou de Bozouls (literal: hole of Bozouls): The river Dourdou has created a mäandre of about 370 m of breadth and about 90 m of depth in the form of a cercle with vertical falling wall of rocks which were washed in the limestone. A pub next to the precipice invites you to make a stop.

Hot source in Chaudes-Aigues
Éboulis de Basalte

Sylvanes: Abbey of the cisterzienser of the 12.century and nearby: a church in the russian-orthodox style.

On the Causse Noir "Montpellier-le-Vieux" is situated. It is a fantastic "mer of rocks", which was created by the erosion. Different kinds of forms of erosion like columns, mushrooms, needles, "animals" and arches can be found at the border of the Canyon of the river Dourbie. On the Causse Mejean are situated several great arches of rocks near to St. Pierre.