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The untouched nature of the gorges and Causses forms an impressive backdrop to walking tours and observations of nature on many marked footpaths.

Left photos:

Walking in the "sea of rocks" of "Montpellier le Vieux" on the Causse Noir. Here you can discover interesting rockformations like the "triumphal arch", the "bear", the "gate of Mykonos", the "Harlequin" and others.


Left photos:

Those who are attentive during the walking tours, can always discover interesting things like for example the praying mantis.

An absolute highlight is the observation of the majestic, huge tawny vultures (wingspan of more than 3 m), which have their breeding-grounds in the rocks of the wild Jonte gorges. After their eradication in 1940 and their reintroduction of a few specimen in 1981 we can find today nearly 200 tawny vultures in absolute freedom.

Moreover you also find the dirt vultures as "visitors" from the Pyrenees.


Left photos:

Walking tour in the "sea of rocks" of "Nimes le Vieux" on the Causse Méjean.


Left photo:

Walking on the Puech de Fontaneilles. From here you have a beautiful view to the castle of Peyrelade.

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