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The clean seas and rivers invite everywhere to take a bath, the offer is enormous. Above all the bathing-places in the Tarn gorges are very lovely, but also the clear seas on the Plateau of Lévézou with its fine sandy beaches will fill you with enthusiasm.

The sea of Pareloup is the second largest lake in Southern France and because of its size you can make windsurfing here under good conditions, and also go sailing and go on jetski. In all these seas include several 100 hectare expanse of water.

The guided and unguided tours with canoe or kayak in the river Tarn, Dourbie or Lot are very recommended, also for beginners. There is a great number of hire firms for canoe and kayak with shuttleservice. The raftingtours in these rivers are also popular.

Moreover you find other kinds of water-sport like "Fun-Yack", hydrospeed, rivertrekking and so on.


Millau is an eldorado for hang-gliders and other aerial sports because of its good thermal conditions. So courses are offered, to learn these aerial sports. At Compeyre you find a school for hang-gliding under german management.

All those persons without knowledge and who only want to enjoy one single flight can find the offer of hang-gliding with a teacher.

And you also find in the Causse Méjean and Causse Larzac aerodromes for gliding and flying and where circular flights are offered.


For those, who like the special kick, the Tarn and Jonte gorges offer an incomparable climbing paradise. High-wire gardens and adventurecircuits complete the offer.


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