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View to Montagnac with the Cevennes
Weekly market on the Esplanade
Vias Plage
Sète with the Lagoon of Thau
On green lanes in the mountains at the Sea
In the Lagoon of Bages
The holiday house is in the little town Montagnac, which is situated in a hilly landscape between the Mediterranean Sea and the foothills of the Cevennes. The short distance of 17 km to the Mediterranean Sea and 11 km to the Lagoon of Thau gives to Montagnac more than 300 days of sun in the year. The traffic connection is optimal, the free motorway A 75 (exit 59) is 4 km away, the A 9 (exit 34) 18 km. On the airports of Montpellier and Beziers low-cost flights to different towns of northern Europe are offered. There are many historical sights in the vicinity, like in Pézenas, Montpellier, Beziers, Agde and Sète. The port Mèze is in a distance of only 10 minutes away with car and always invites to make a walk in the pittoresque harbour.
The center of Montagnac is characterized by the place of the church with the gothic church Saint-André of the 13. century with many decorations, the Esplanade and the narrow streets.
The Esplanade is the central place where every friday the weekly market with products of the region takes place. Under the old planetrees you can end fastly the daily stress while taking a drink from one of the bars and while enjoying the southern way of life. Here and in the surroundings there are also a supermarket, a restaurant, bakerys, a butcher, fish and speciality shops, pizzerias, a post office and a bank. In the back part of the Esplanade you find enough parking facility.
In order to have a look on to Montagnac it is worth to go on foot to the chapelle of the virgin, which is situated on one of the countless hills in a little wood of pine trees and olive trees.
You can reach from Montagnac in a short time the beaches between Sète and Valras Plage. Here are towards the north and south wide miles and miles sandy beaches, which extend to the horizon. Absolutely to dream is the evening mood like here in Vias Plage with the mountain chain of the Pyrenees in the background. Here at a picnic while hearing the roaring of the sea you can finish the day with this memorable event.
Next to Montagnac you should plan a visit of the port of Sète. Several canals, bridges, the great harbour with the fishing fleet and the mountain Saint-Clair, from which you have a marvellous panoramic view onto the Lagoon of Thau, the outback and the coastal area, invites to look at. Every year the traditional event of the "Saint Louis Day" is celebrated during six days. One of our favorite places is the picnic area near to Mèze with a nice view onto the Lagoon of Thau, Sète and the mountain Saint-Clair.

In the outback which is in the south of the sea Lac du Salagou, you find the Cirque de Mourèze with many rocks, needles and interesting rockformations which invites to make long walks. The mountain Montagne de Liausson offers a nice view onto the lake, the hilly outback, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees.

During the whole year because of the mild climate you can go on motorbike without problem. When in northern Europe in winter you have cold, you can enjoy wonderful tours at the coastside of the Languedoc-Roussillon with its mountains nearby. Here we have been offroad in january with the Triumph Tiger in the mountains of the Corbières maritimes and in the coastal area on discovery tour.

Gothic church Saint-André
Detail of the church Saint-André
chapelle of the virgin
Cirque de Mourèze
"Tiger" in front of a chapelle