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Millau Bridge/ Tarn valley- "photogallery"

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The pension "Refuge pour Motards" is situated in 660 m above the sea-level in southern France in the east of the departement Aveyron beside of the departement Lozère, and not far from the departement Gard. Here, located just south of the Massif Central, the landscape forms a beautiful, unique mixture of tableland like steppes, deep, wild gorges, mountains with dense forest, but also lovely river valleys.

The Mediterranean Sea is 115 km far away and can be reached fastly and for nothing by the highway . You cross the Millau Bridge (Viaduct of Millau), the highest and most beautiful bridge in the world, which you have to pay (4,40 €/motorcycle or 7,00 € - 8,90 €/car for one crossing- prices 2013) and which has a height of 343 m. So it is higher than the tower of Eiffel at Paris. You can also reach fastly the volcanic mountains of the Auvergne.

We take the advantage of the mild mediterranean climate, but in summer we don't suffer from extreme heat periods because of our local situation. You can enjoy your preferate holiday activities, for example going on motorcycle, where the temperatures are the best for you due to the great variety of the landscape: the altitude is between about 200 m (valley of the river Lot) and 1.855 m (Plomb du Cantal, Auvergne).

In our region you find only a bit of industry, and so our guests can spend their holidays in a healthy nature without great destructions of nature.

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Causses (limestone plateaux): The infinite widths with its poor growth extends until the horizon and are the home of more than 2000 kinds of fauna and flora. Forests, little mountains and bizarre formations of rocks make the causses various. There live more than 1,2 million of sheeps, which give the milk for the Roquefort-cheese, which is famous in the whole world.

Subterranean the causses are full of numberless caves. The most impressionned are the "Grotto of Dargilan" and "Aven Armand". Above a part of the causses fly the gigantic, majestic tawny vultures.

Gorges: The end of the Massif Central is penetrated by gorges. The most beautiful of them cross the causses. Each of them has a peculiar character. Motorcyclists can go through them. You have also the ingenious possibility to enter the gorges at different places and to quit them at another place in order to change into another gorges. In part the departures and also the views into the gorges are overcoming.

The longest gorges of Southern France with more than 80 km of length are the Tarn gorges, the european "Great Canyon". In part the walls of rocks have height of over 500 m. On the contrary of the "Gorges de l'Ardèche" or the "Grand Canyon du Verdon" the Tarn gorges are inhabitated. Villages with southern flair invite to repose. The inhabitants have constructed buildings partially against or in the rock. The river Tarn is one of the most beautiful rivers where you can go on canoe or kayac.

The Gorges of the Jonte is narrower and wilder as the Gorges of the Tarn. Here live the tawny vultures, which can be observed very good (there is a special information center in the Gorges of the Jonte). The Jonte gorges are a paradise for climbing. The Gorges of the Vis offer the impressive "Cirque de Navacelles".

Cevennes: They consist of innumerable mountains and valleys and only a thin population. It is a paradise for bikers and especially for bikers with cross-country motorcycles. During the winter the Cevennes are a paradise for skiing.

The Lot valley: The valley of the Lot is a contrast to the causses and the gorges. It is fertile and very beautiful. You find villages of the Middle Ages: Estaing, Conques (valley of the Ouche), St-Côme d'Olt and St-Eulalie d'Olt are one of the most beautiful villages of France.

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Aubrac: The volcanic mountains begin in the north of the valley of the Lot and is full of meadows and forest. In summer you will find here herds of cows. The region is well-known for its excellent cheese. The "Tome de Laguiole" is the basic of the national dish Aligot, which our guests can eat in our pension. In winter the Aubrac is a paradise for skiing.

Except for the mentioned landscapes the Aveyron offers in the south and southwest many sights. In order to discover all these, the holidays are not long enough.

The lakes of Lévézou with its clean seas are ideal for bathing and all forms of water sports. In the country in the south and the south west of Millau you find many castles and villages of the Middle Ages and the fortified villages of the Templars and the Hospitallers.

And also the gorges in the west and southwest of the Aveyron (Aveyron gorges and Viaur gorges) should be visited.

You have a good view to the Millau Bridge when you visit the village of Peyre with its volcanic tuff houses.

In the west of our pension the bastides are situated. They are towns and villages which were built on the basic of a regular plan in the 13. - 14. century (Villefranche de Rouergue, Sauveterre-de-Rouergue and others).


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Tarn gorges- views from "Point Sublime"

Tarn gorges- views at "Cirque de St-Chély"

Tarn gorges/ Jonte gorges- "Le Rozier"

Tarn gorges- "photogallery"

Dourbie gorges- "photogallery"

Jonte gorges- "photogallery"

Cirque de Navacelles- "photogallery"

Lot valley- "photogallery"

Cevennes, Margeride, Aubrac, Cantal- "photogallery"

Hills and lakes of Lévézou- "photogallery"
Conques- "photogallery"

Bastides- "photogallery"